How does OVIO work ?

1. Recording software processes

Regardless of which software or hardware you use in your company, with OVIO you can record and map any application in record time.

2. Directly available in the OVIO Cloud

The recordings are saved as a project in the OVIO cloud and all content can be generated immediately thanks to the templates provided.

3. Automatic content creation

After recording, OVIO automatically generates all e-learning and documentation outputs for you to use immediately

User adoption with AI-based help in all applications

Interactive e-learning content in various languages

Creation of process documentation in one click

All content is immediately available anytime and anywhere

Globally available knowledge management system

Advantages & Features



Authoring system

Content management

Learning management

Knowledge management

Self-Service Portal

User Dashboard

Customized branding




Asynchronous learning

In-App Training

Employee onboarding

Mobile learning


Course management


Interactive content



Roles & user management

Data-Import / Export

Content library

Context-sensitive instructions

Full text search

Change tracking



The OVIO Virtual Assistant in detail

What is the most fascinating thing about OVIO, you ask?
Without a doubt its modern architecture!
You can expect a high-performance and agile system that not only lives in the cloud…

…OVIO itself is the cloud!

OVIO – Insights for authors

Let your creativity run wild

In the OVIO Studio, you create customized learning content

Whether you want to map software or hardware –
is just a decision!

OVIO – Insights for users

OVIO as a desktop application…

…it searches for knowledge for you in a context-sensitive way and helps you whenever you need it.





The OVIO web application…


with full functionality for you