About Us

OVIO strives for technical innovation.

We want to help people in companies perform better through know-how by providing you with the best possible support in your daily business.

An intelligent cloud technology that offers you context-sensitive knowledge when you need it. For this purpose, we have developed an application that shines above all with its performance. Reinvented the e-learning space to make you feel more comfortable with your tasks.

As an up-and-coming Düsseldorf company, we would like to take you on our journey. The holistic knowledge transfer for IT and non-IT applications helps to improve employee empowerment, making onboarding smarter and increasing employee satisfaction in the same process.

Founding Team

Johannes Brünner

Founder & Developer

Johannes wants to help companies to automate and simplify Software throu AI Trainings to make them as easy as possiable. With OVIO he can turn his vision into reality.

Mathäus Ziebura

Director Sales & Alliances
With more than 20 years of experience in Software business Mathäus is both advocate of our clients and also Sales Lead of the company.


A.I. and customer favorite
The greatest passions:
To support people in thier daily work. Favorite hobbies are virtual workouts as well as small talk about bits and bytes.

Sascha Jakusin

Director IT & Cloud Services
Complex IT projects and computers are his second home: Sascha operates the entire IT Infrastructure and ensures maximum Availability of the OVIO Cloud Services.

Made with love,
in Germany.