OVIO - Your Learning Cloud Platform

We managed to combine an authoring tool, LMS, knowledge database and evaluations in one SaaS product.

Increase acceptance and minimize risk.

Avoid frustration and the risk of incorrect data entries by providing your users with 24/7 live help.

Another new Software ? No Problem for OVIO

Every company has numerous tools in use and conducts dozens of training courses and still end users are frustrated and IT support is overloaded. It’s all easier now. With the OVIO Virtual Assistant.

Increase software ROI with artificial intelligence

The OVIO Virtual Assistant increases the efficiency of all employees in any software, at any time.

OVIO in 40 seconds

Areas of application, functions & added value for your company

OVIO in your Department

IT / Support



Faster to the ROI of your business software

Fewer support tickets & reduced IT costs

Playback the learning content on all devices

Efficient recording when needed

More performance and productivity thanks to AI

Management Dashboard and Data Analytics

Higher added value thanks to higher usage time

Project launches faster & easier

Reduces training costs thanks to blended learning

Users receive 24/7 support in their language

Training documents are always up to date

Simplified onboarding and mandatory training

Software Rollouts with OVIO.
Simply automated

Increase Time-in-App
Shorthen Time-to-ROI

Thanks to the context-sensitive in-app support end users spend more productive time in corporate applications and learn processes and functionality 27% faster compared to software without OVIO in use. On the one hand, this leads to an earlier return on investment and to safer operation of the software by your users.

The OVIO AI supports IT
and  Users

Fewer tickets and no permanent load on the support hotline: The OVIO AI supports your users exactly when they need help. Whether in everyday life, with software rollouts or with changes due to updates. Furthermore, problematic points in software processes can be identified and eliminated at the root.

Fully automated
translations & Updates

Are there any changes in the software? International users want learning content in their own language? No problem! Thanks to OVIO, you can automatically record changes and generate content in different languages.

Well looked after at OVIO

Arrange a Meeting

In our free initial consultation we will discuss your Requirements, goals and your situation. We  want to understand everything holistically. This has the advantage that we can offer you an demonstration tailored to your needs.

Live Demos & individual Offer inklusiv PoC

In the second step we go through a live demo of the OVIO Cloud together. This is tailored to your needs including views of further functionalities and added value of our overall solution. Lots of customers and Interested parties often discover further challenges from thier IT, HR and Daily business you could solve with OVIO. We also offer a Proof of Concept if nessesary.

Planning and Implementation

As soon as you have decided on OVIO we will go to the Project planning and implementation. You will receive a personal OVIO consultant which accompanies you through the whole project as well as access to the OVIO Support Library. Our technical support accompanies you and your authors at all times.

Blended Learning with OVIO

Increase user acceptance,
Achieve software ROI..

With OVIO you increase the user-friendliness and the acceptance of all applications in the company.

The OVIO AI lowers yours
IT & support costs

Thanks to precise evaluations, you can streamline processes, reduce training costs and relieve IT at the same time.

Human and AI:
hand in hand.

Thanks to the OVIO live help, users are supported within new software and are navigated in real time.

Your IT advantages at a glance

Faster deployment

Software ROI faster than planned!

Thanks to increased user acceptance
& Reduce IT and training costs
software projects.

Reduced support

Less support and ticket requests

Thanks to the context-sensitive AI support in the
live system.

In-App Help

Fewer incorrect entries by end users

In the software after a new introduction or
announced updates and changes.

Fewer mistakes, more satisfaction.
User adoption simplified.

Learn a new tool
the easy way!

OVIO can generate numerous media content from just one recording of your software: From the necessary process documentation to multilingual E-learning environments to in-app guidance (AI). This means less frustration fewer problems and higher productivity in business applications.

Can you help me? I
can get no further here !

Everyone knows this situation: You can’t get any further with the software and ask your colleagues. The work is paused and several employees are busy with a challenge. In the end the IT will step in after all. With OVIO this is easy to avoid thanks to our live help.

Less training
More productivity

Changes and updates in company applications are taking place more and more frequently. Process documentation and training content must be constantly updated. With OVIO you can have such updates automatically re-recorded in the future and publish all content.

Your HR advantages


Saving of transaction costs and
Expenses for face-to-face training in relation to
Software rollouts, updates and changes


Productivity in everyday work
by reducing help requests between
Colleagues with software problems


End-user satisfaction
which are effected by software rollouts
updates and changes.

Security & Trust

100% GDPR Compliant

When OVIO was designed we took great care to protect your data.
For example OVIO has learned to anonymize your data when recording as
well as the behavior of your users.

Integrated BSI standards

99.98% guaranteed availability with maximum security.
We carry out regular tests according to the BSI C5 standard.

Made & Hosted in Germany

We operate our data centers exclusively in Germany.

Driving and creating values

With this seal, the BSZF certifies the innovative competence for research and development of the OVIO GmbH.